Angela & Tom

Facts Father-to-Be Mother-to-Be  
First Names Thomas Angela
Religion Catholic Catholic
Ethnic Background Italian/German Italian/German



Profession Special Education Teacher Retail Executive Director
Ages/Names of Children Jackson Thomas/ Adopted  
Our Story

Hi we are Tom and Angela.  We met in June 2001, it was the night the Sixers had lost the championship. We remember this because Tom was disappointed they had lost!   While discussing the game with a mutual friend Angela quickly knew Tom was the “one”.  We both like the same things and enjoy the same interests.  We both come from large families and are very family oriented. We like sports and love baseball. We attended many Phillies games together. We both enjoy the beach and spent lots of time there in the summer. We have been married almost 10 years.  We have one son named Jackson who we adopted at birth.  We would love to extend our family by adopting another child. Our son Jackson would love being a big brother! He loves children and is incredible with his younger cousins. He acts as a friend and as their protector.

Family Life

We both have large extended families. We enjoy spending time with them. Tom is one of three boys and his younger brother has two children. We spent time with them at least once a month.  We often have pizza and playtime on Friday nights at our home. Angela loves to cook and we frequently have Sunday pasta dinners with five families! We were both raised Catholic and it's important to us that we teach our son about faith. We have several memberships to family friendly places such as the Philadelphia Zoo, the Franklin Institute and the Please Touch Museum. It seems like every weekend we visit one of those places, have dinner out, and sometimes at the end of the day top it off with ice cream. During the summer we also love to swim at the pool or go to the beach. Tom's family has been vacationing at Brigantine Beach since he was a toddler.  Since we began dating we have joined Tom’s family for weekends down the shore.  Jackson loves the beach and we love to play together as a family. We have one pet, a goldfish that Jackson won at the local fair. Jack calls him Goldie!


We both love sports and are big Steelers fans. Now that our son is turning four we are planning on taking him to the games.   We also love to be outside enjoying the park and in the summer we spend a lot of time at Tom's parent’s pool.  Jackson started swimming lessons before he was two!   We also enjoy going to the beach and to the movies. As a couple we take a lot of pride in our home. Tom likes doing the yard work and Jackson loves to help!   Angela loves gardening, growing flowers and herbs.  We attend church as a family and we love our little community. We reside in Angela’s childhood home and we are very close to our neighbors. On Jackson's first birthday our entire fire department and two police officers came to our home to celebrate his birthday. That's the kind of town we live in. Every child who came to Jackson's birthday party got to ride on the fire truck it was a great day about community and family. 


We have an open adoption with our son's birth family. Is very important to the both of us that our son knows about his birth family and his adoption.  In the beginning when Jackson was first born we spoke frequently, as time went by the communication became less but we hope at one point we will communicate more again.  We respect his birth family and it is up to them how much contact we have.  We are more than comfortable with contact via letters, Skype, and visits. We speak often to our son about his birth family even if it is of them in his bedroom. We believe that there is never too much love for one person to receive. What is most important is the child and the family we all can create.   We want very much for our next adoption to be open as well.

Favorites Father-to-Be Mother-to-Be  
Genre of Music Rock  All kinds
Favorite childhood memory Phillies game The zoo
Favorite Quote It is what it is. Seize the day
Favorite Subject in School  History Art
Favorite Magazine   Sports Illustrated Vouge Gourmet
Favorite TV show Game of Thrones Orange is the New Black
Favorite Holiday Thanksgiving Thanksgiving
Favorite Dessert Chocolate cake Crème Brulee
Favorite Author Anything nonfiction Emily Bronte/Edgar Allen Poe
Favorite Sport to watch or play Football Baseball
Favorite gadget Phone Phone
If your life was a theme song, what would it be? Come what may ( it was our wedding song )
Mac or PC? PC PC
Coffee or Tea? Coffee                  Tea
Eat in or Dine out? In In or out
Early Riser or Night Owl? Night Owl Early Riser
Best Wishes,

We view life like the game of baseball. It's the ninth inning the bases are loaded and no matter what happens we're going to play the game!


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