DaRel & Charles

Facts Father-to-Be Father-to-Be
First Names DaRel Charles
Religion Christian Christian
Ethnic Background African-American African-American
Education/Degree Master of Public Health Master of Arts
Profession Doctoral Student Speech-Language Pathologist
Our Story

Hello!  We are Charles and DaRel.  After being in relationships that did not work, we each decided to try online dating.  Thanks to Compatiblepartners.com, we found each other.  In the late spring/early summer of 2009, we made a connection via email, however, due to both of our travel schedules, we were not able to meet face-to-face until July 2009.

While dating, we often talked about our personal goals and for each of us, they included marriage, a house with a yard, and fatherhood.  When we married in November 2014, after dating for 5 years, we accomplished two of the three goals – the house and marriage.  Now married for 2.5 years, we are trying to accomplish our third goal of fatherhood.

We would like to raise a child and teach them to love and respect others, work hard, laugh daily, and make thoughtful decisions.  Ensuring that your child is healthy, happy, secure, and loved will be a top priority in our lives.

Family Life

Being fathers that set positive examples that a child can learn from is extremely important to us.  We want to be parents who are patient and supportive, and who teach a child to be compassionate and confident.  It is our goal for the three of us to have a strong, loving bond.  We would like to raise a child that values education, spirituality, the importance of family, a strong work ethic, and helping others.  We were both raised in the Christian faith and will raise a child the same.

We look forward to having a child who will be surrounded by a loving family on holidays.  Memorial Day is spent in rural Virginia with DaRel’s family.  We host the family for a 4th of July cookout and on Thanksgiving.  We have a Christmas tree-trimming party with DaRel’s family on the day after Thanksgiving. The annual holiday brunch at DaRel’s parents’ house is right before Christmas, and we spend Christmas Day visiting family. 



As a couple, we enjoy traveling, cooking, going to the theatre, and spending time with family and friends.  As a couple with a child, we would continue these same things and introduce a child to places far and near; new foods; the magic of live theatre; and the strong bond of family. 

We live in a quiet neighborhood in Prince George’s County, Maryland.  Our house has four bedrooms, and the nursery overlooks our half-acre backyard.  There is plenty of space inside and outside for a child to play.  In addition, we live close to DaRel’s relatives who are just as excited about our adoption journey.  We are a short drive or Metro ride into Washington, DC where we will introduce the child to the culture that DC has to offer.


As time passes, we know that you will be curious about your child as they grow older; learning to walk, birthday parties, first days of school, learning to ride a bike and drive a car, and graduations.  We would like to keep you aware through letters/emails, pictures, and annual visits, if you are comfortable.  We would like your child to grow up being aware of who you are.

Favorites Father-to-Be Father-to-Be
Childhood memory Christmastime with family Visiting grandmother
Subject in school Biology Sociology
TV show A Different World Judge Judy
Movie The Best Man Lean on Me
Holiday Christmas Thanksgiving
Dessert Pound cake Ice cream cake
Early Riser or Night Owl? Night Owl Early Riser
Place Travelled South Africa London, England
Cartoon Scooby Doo Snoopy Come Home
Children’s Book Berenstain Bears The Velveteen Rabbit
Best Wishes,

Photographer Terra Cooper sums it up best for us:
“A birth mother is neither selfish nor selfless.
is conscious of her long-term goals and those of the child.
is mindful of what she is going to give for the rest of her life.
prioritizes her needs and the needs of the child.”



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