Diana & Tom

Facts Mother-to-Be Father-to-Be
First Names Diana Tom
Religion Roman Catholic Roman Catholic
Ethnic Background Irish Italian

Business School

Business School

Profession Stay-At-Home-Mom Business Analyst 
Ages/Names of Children Suzanna (22)  Biological, Maria (19)  Biological, Erica (14)  Biological, Alyssa (11)  Biological, Thomas (8)  Biological, Tyler (8)  Biological, Irisa (6)  Biological
Our Story

Hi, we are Tom and Diana, thank you for taking the time to get to know us!  We are what could be referred to as high school sweethearts.  Diana’s mother and Tom both worked in the same bowling alley and she introduced us.  Diana’s mom was not trying to make us a couple and that was not our intention initially either especially since  Diana, being two years older and a senior in high school, was not interested in a relationship with a “younger man.”  She did find him very attractive though.  Tom was attracted to Diana too and thought she was cute and since she could drive, he was interested.  The two of us became friends and shortly the friendship turned to love.  Two years later we were married.  That initial meeting took place over 30 years ago and we will be celebrating our 29th wedding anniversary this year!

We have experienced good and bad times, happiness and sadness.  Through it all we have remained strong and dedicated to each other.  Our love for each other has grown to include our children and we foresee that it will continue to grow as our family grows.

Family Life

We have been blessed with a large family.  Even though there is quite a span of ages, we have instilled in them a closeness that is often found in larger families.  Our biological children: Suzanna (22), Maria (19), Erica (14), Alyssa (11), Thomas (8), Tyler (8), and Irisa (6) have an extremely close bond and are very involved in everything we do as a family.  We often get together with Diana’s two brothers and three sisters, as well as numerous friends for parties, holidays and special occasions.  We are Roman Catholic and attend weekly church services as well as other church related events.  Our neighborhood is very child oriented with various ages of children nearby and the schools are only a short ride away.  Our home has recently been remodeled and now has seven bedrooms, a media room, and a playroom.  There are enough toys and playmates for someone if they want to play and enough space if they just want to be alone.  Education is very important to us and because we have seven children we understand that everyone is different and we only expect a child to do his or her best.  We have two finches and a one-year-old Morkie who not only loves children but believes he is one as well


Our lifestyle can really be described with two words:  family and fun.  As a family we are very supportive of each other and attend all of our children’s events such as baseball games and dance recitals.  We vacation together with yearly trips to Disney World and smaller vacations to Pennsylvania where we go to amusement parks, Gettysburg, and a corn maze.  Every Christmas season we go to Hershey Park where we go on rides, see lights and get our picture taken with Santa for our annual Christmas card.  We have many holiday traditions that we do as a family like dyeing Easter eggs, making Christmas cookies, and Trick or Treating.

Our neighborhood is very child oriented with neighbors that you can turn to in a crisis or just for fun. Our home is now large enough to welcome another child or children.  With numerous siblings there is always someone to play with, read to you, or even help you with your homework.


As biological parents, we know how important it is to a parent to see their child grow, mature and to be a part of their lives.  We would be open to contact through pictures, email, and letters.  We would share with you important events in the life of the child that you have given birth to.  We also would impart to the child events in your life that you have chosen to share with us.  Pictures of you would be made available to the child if you so desire that to be.  We truly feel that for a child to have a future, he or she must know and understand not only his or her present but his or her past as well. 

Favorites Father-to-Be Mother-to-Be
Genre of Music 80’s - Current 80’s, 90’s, Today
Favorite childhood memory Going to the arcade Fishing with my Dad
Favorite Subject in School  Accounting History 
Favorite Magazine Popular Mechanics Reader’s Digest
Favorite TV Show CSI Miami River Monsters
Favorite Holiday Christmas Easter
Favorite Dessert Cheesecake Soft Pretzels
Favorite Actor/Actress Bill Murray Robin Williams
Favorite Author W.E.B. Griffin Jayne Ann Krentz
Favorite Sport to Watch or Play Baseball Baseball
Early Riser or Night Owl  Night Owl Night Owl
Best Wishes,

The decision to place your child is the most selfless and loving decision any parent could ever make.  Whether you choose us or another family, remember that you will always be in our prayers.  The child that you carry has been blessed…because of you.  Thank you for considering us as the family to not only raise, but more importantly, to love and cherish your child.


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