Katie & Greg

Facts Father-to-Be Mother-to-Be  
First Names Greg Katie
Religion Catholic Catholic
Ethnic Background Hispanic - Puerto Rican Irish / Italian
Education/Degree College Degree Trade School Degree
Profession Finance Elementary School Secretary
Our Story

Hello!  We are Greg and Katie and we want to thank you for taking the time to look at our profile.  We grew up in the same town a few years apart.  Although we always stole an extra glance or two at one another, we remained acquaintances for years.  One magical night after we graduated college we ran into one another and that extra glance turned into a sparks flying stare!  We went on our first date the very next day.

We were married on an island in the Dominican Republic in front of our amazing friends and family in April of 2012.  We didn’t think it could get any better than a destination wedding surrounded by our loved ones; however every day since then seems to get better and better. Eleven years after the first magical night, we are a happily married and an extremely in love couple.  And those sparks….they continue to fly!

Family Life

We are very family oriented and extremely lucky to have our family close by.  This makes for exciting and laughter-filled holidays!  We spend Easter Sunday just down the street at Katie’s sister, Aunt Jennie’s house.  The entire family comes together for a big game of whiffle ball.  The children in the family play tag and have fun on the trampoline until they can’t keep their eyes open any longer.  Christmas is at our very favorite place.. our home!  We host our families together with Christmas carols, presents, eggnog, the biggest tree we can find and of course laughter.  Halloween is by far Katie’s favorite holiday.  Our house is always decorated with pumpkins, witches and ghosts, oh my!  Warm apple cider is always offered during this time of the year in our home.  Greg’s favorite time is Thanksgiving.  We give thanks for all we have with our family at Grandmas’s house the next town over.  Then we host a “Friendsgiving” and celebrate all of our friends (we have had the same amazing group of friends since elementary school, 25 plus years!)

Of course no holiday or special tradition would be complete without our two kitties. We have Aly Cat, a 12 year old long hair tortoise shell. She is a tiny ball of furry love.  No one loves cuddling as much as Aly does.  That is, besides her sister, Missy.  Missy is a 10 year old calico.  She is a bit shy at first, but once she feels comfortable she becomes a talker!  She loves to meow back to us as we talk to her.  She even loves to “sing”.  Disney songs are her favorite.


What we enjoy more than anything in the world is just being together.  We are one another’s best friend and are at our happiest when we are side by side.  Whether we at home cooking dinner together, sitting around the fire pit outside making s’mores, having bbq’s with friends, sitting on the beach watching dolphins in the ocean or hiking the rainforest in Costa Rica we are together and in heaven.

Our home is directly across the street from our town’s park!  We have the joy of watching children and families play on the swings, slides, see saw and jungle gyms as well as soccer and baseball fields from our front door.  The elementary and high schools (which we both attended) are right down the street from our house in walking distance. Both schools are “Blue Ribbon” awarded schools. 

We come from diverse family backgrounds.  Greg’s parents are from Puerto Rico and he still has family who live there.  We love to visit as often as we can.  Greg has aunts, uncles and cousins from a variety of ethnic backgrounds including Hispanic, African American and Asian.  Getting together with Greg’s family is always so much fun as we have such an amazing variety of music, food and home stories.

Katie’s ethnic background includes Italian and Irish heritage.  Katie’s mother’s parents are from Sicily, Italy and her father’s parents are from Ireland.  We plan on visiting both countries with our family in the future.

Our hometown and community is very diverse as well which is extremely important to us.  We have friends with families of all types of nationalities and ethnicities.


We wish for nothing more than to open our hearts and share the overwhelming love we have with child/children through adoption.  We understand what an emotional journey adoption can be for the birth family, adoptive family and child and are fully prepared and excited to start this journey and expand our growing family.

We understand how important family is and how strong the love for your child can be.  We are absolutely open to contact through pictures and letters and would be happy to share important events and strides in the life of the child.  We are open to annual visits at the Family Options Annual Picnic.   Adoption is a blessing and will be celebrated and shared in our family always.

Favorites Father-to-Be Mother-to-Be  
Genre of Music Classic Rock Huge Lover of All Music!
Childhood memory Family Christmases Family Vacations to Disney World & Shore
Quote “Let it Be” -the Great John Lennon “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I’m possible.”- Audrey Hepburn
Subject in school Math & History  Reading & Writing
TV show The Office Friends
Movie James Bond movies Sixteen Candles & anything with Audrey Hepburn
Hero My Grandpop My Mom
Holiday Christmas Halloween
Bedtime story Llama Llama Red Pajama This is How Much I Love You
Dessert Chocolate Mousse Tiramisu
Actor Anyone who played James Bond Audrey Hepburn
Sport to watch or play Sports Lover (football, soccer, baseball & basketball) Football!
Author J.R.R. Tolkien (The Lord of the Rings) Stephenie Meyer
Coffee or Tea? Coffee Both
Eat in or Dine out? Both Both
Early Riser or Night Owl? Early Riser Night Owl
Best Wishes,

Our hearts are overfilled with unconditional love and we want nothing more than to share this love with a child.  The decision to place your child comes from the most loving and selfless part of you.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for considering us.  In turn, we will make our promise to you:

We vow, with every part of our mind, body and soul, to be a family of adventure; we will travel, hike, and go on amusement rides and road trips. We vow to be a family of values; family, tradition and respect being of the utmost importance. We vow to provide a loving, supportive, open home filled with laughter, education, friends & family.  Above all, we vow to love this child to the moon and back always.

With Love,
Katie and Greg


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