Lauren & Kevin

Facts Father-to-Be Mother-to-Be  
First Names Kevin     Lauren
Religion Christian Christian
Ethnic Background German/Irish/Dutch German/Russian/Scottish/Irish

B.A. Elem Ed/Spec Ed, M.S. Sports Administration     

B.A. Social Work, M.S. Social Work

Profession Special Education Teacher Social Worker - Supervisor
Our Story

Hi, we are Kevin and Lauren. Our love story began 10 years ago when we both were encouraged by friends to join Even though we lived miles away, we instantly realized we were meant for each other.  Lauren sent a wink and Kevin responded with a smile and our love story began.  Mutually we enjoy helping others, going on adventures, having a strong faith, and spending time with our families. These characteristics drew us together in deep friendship and love.

Kevin proposed after six months of commuting weekly for dates. On a cold, crisp winter night on a Cinderella horse and carriage ride, Kevin proposed, Lauren accepted with a big shout “Yes” and some tears, and another exciting step in our journey began. In the fall of 2007, we were married surrounded by many loving family and friends. Then we honeymooned in Disney World because we are big kids at heart.

Kevin really enjoys his teaching career in Special Education and has a wonderful creativity that makes every class a fun adventure. His huge smile lights up whatever room he enters and his desire to live his life with Godly character draws people to his side in friendship. Lauren holds a Supervisor position in Social Work and is devoted to making a difference in the lives of others. She has a contagious laugh and a generous heart and has made our home a center of warmth and hospitality for gatherings of all kinds. Her love for interior design not only has been a blessing in our home, but to many others who call upon her to decorate.

Through much thought and prayer, we know that adoption is our hope and choice to complete our family with children. We are two big hearts seeking our little sweetheart to love, nurture, and adore. We understand the great gift of selfless love you are choosing to give to a couple like us and we sincerely respect and admire your beautiful choice.

Family Life

Both of us were raised in quaint towns surrounded by loving family. Lauren, her twin sister, younger brother, and parents lived in a country farm home where her grandparents lived in an attached apartment. Both her grandparents and parents influenced her love for family tradition and animals.  Her childhood included raising horses, puppies, goats, and a white-tailed deer. There was always something going on at the homestead and weekends were full of family and friends coming to share meals, laughter and games. It’s only natural that Lauren loves to show hospitality and meals in our home today.

Kevin grew up in a small river town in West Virginia in a community surrounded by a grandma, aunts, uncles and cousins.  His childhood included happy outdoor adventures of fishing with his parents, building things with his dad, and basketball camps. Every Sunday growing up was spent getting together with family at his grandmother’s house around the dining room table. 

Both of our close knit families have instilled the importance of staying connected and investing into the lives of the younger generations. We love spending time with our two nephews and two nieces as we deepen relationships and build happy memories with them.

Because we love family time with our extended family, each year we take a big family vacation together on a lake resort in the Adirondack Mountains. Lauren’s identical twin sister who is happily married has two adorable young boys named Oliver and Solomon. It is a blessing to live next door to them along with Lauren’s parents (married 40 years) and her eighty-nine year old grandmother. With four generations living nearby, there are many family meals, hugs, laughter, and fun going on continually. Lauren’s brother, sister-in-law and two young nieces, Ava and Brooklyn live a couple hours away and come to visit on weekends. Kevin’s parents (married for 37 years) reside in West Virginia, but make frequent long weekend treks to enjoy time with everyone. It’s been such a thrill to see the support and enthusiasm of all our family members in our adoption journey. Another little person to love will be welcomed home with open arms of all sizes and ages.

Both of us were raised in Christian homes that taught the essence of love and support for each other.  It is our desire to raise our child with those same Christian values that emphasize love, integrity, kindness, and sweet character. Both of us are involved in community ministry groups. Lauren hosts a young women’s (mostly young moms) Bible study in our home and Kevin helps to lead a men’s outreach ministry where he plans, coordinates, and sets up high profile athlete speakers.


We both love going on fun adventures together that include date nights and weekend trips. One of our greatest adventures was in Alaska where we took a helicopter onto a glacier to dogsled and cuddle with puppies. Since we enjoy the outdoors, we spend time at the beach, visit interesting towns up and down the Eastern coastline, and go fishing and crabbing with the family.

When we are home on the weekends, we often spend time swimming and mini-golf with our nephews. At least monthly, we have huge family dinners, late night campfires, and sleepovers with our nephews. They love the special treats we have for them and playing the Wii in our recreation room. We do not have any pets of our own, but our family next door has just gotten a puppy named Sweets.

Our spacious home with its wide porches, vast yard, and an open-concept floor plan provides a comfortable and welcoming place for little people. It’s nestled in a beautiful country setting and yet it is near the heart of town with libraries, good schools, and interesting historical venues.  As we sit on the rockers on our porch watching the sunset in the distance and hearing the sound of whippoorwills, the only thing that would complete our joy is to be rocking a precious baby in our arms and singing a song of love.



We realize the importance of sharing the special moments and milestones that come with raising a sweet child and we are certainly open to an adoption plan that fosters communication through photos, emails, and correspondence of notes and letters. Adoption will be celebrated and spoken about with this child so that they will understand the wonderful blessing it is in all of our lives.

Favorites Father-to-Be Mother-to-Be  
Genre of Music 80’s/Christian Contemporary Pop/Christian
Favorite childhood memory Fishing Trips with parents Family vacations with extended family to mountains
Favorite Subject in School  Science/Math Psychology
Favorite Magazine   Men’s Health People Magazine
Favorite TV show Anything HGTV Anything Hallmark
Favorite Holiday Christmas Christmas
Favorite Dessert Mint Choc. Chip Ice Cream Anything Lemon/Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream
Favorite Author Bob Greene Karen Kingsbury/Francine Rivers
Favorite gadget Iphone Iphone
Coffee or Tea? Coffee                  Starbucks Latte
Eat in or Dine out? We love to cook and entertain at home, but love date nights out at new eateries
Early Riser or Night Owl? Both Early Riser
Best Wishes,

We are so excited to become parents through the beautiful process of adoption
and we have hearts fully prepared to welcome a new baby into our family and home with hugs, kisses, and unconditional love.

With sincere gratitude we honor your sacrificial decision to bless others with this precious little life. We will cherish the privilege to become parents and we will use every moment we have to provide a sweet, loving and happy home.

With Love,

Kevin and Lauren


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