Ali & Manish

Facts Mother-to-Be Father-to-Be
First Names Ali (Alexandra) Manish
Religion Catholic Hindu
Ethnic Background Polish/Italian Indian
Education/Degree Masters in Business Administration; Bachelors in Urban Studies Associates in Chemical Engineering
Profession Director of Procurement Project Controls Engineer
Ages/Names of Children Raymond, 3yrs old -Adopted
Our Story

Hello!  We are Manish, Ali, and Raymond, thank you for viewing our profile! We met in 2008 at a concert at the PNC Banks Arts Center where we randomly parked next to each other. We were each there separately with friends, but were drawn to each other through friendly conversation before the concert began. By the end of the night we realized that there was a strong connection between us that we both wanted to pursue. We married two years later and haven’t looked back.  In 2014 we became parents through adoption when we welcomed Raymond to our family. We have created wonderful memories and look forward to expanding our family once again through adoption.   

Family Life

We have always been family oriented and value the time we spend together.  Manish’s dad also lives with us so Raymond and Grandpa are “breakfast buddies” and spend time bonding while reading and playing blocks and trains together.  We have lots of friends and family that live close by including Manish’s older brother’s and sister’s families with nieces and nephew (ages 7, 6, 3). Raymond loves playing with his cousins while having dance parties, playing games, and movie nights with popcorn. 

We take annual family vacations together to different places and recently went to Disneyworld! In the fall, we enjoy attending Rutgers Football games with our friends, while in the summer we spend time at the beach and go to Six Flags Great Adventure theme park.

We have faith that has taught us to be kind and generous to others, which are values we are instilling in Raymond.  



Our jobs can keep us busy during the week, so we make sure to have dinner together every night and have lots of fun on the weekends.  We live in a diverse suburban community with great schools and we are close to parks where Manish likes to go running and Raymond likes to play on the playground.  On the weekends, we can be found chasing Raymond around the park, building elaborate train setups, or exploring new places.  Our adventures have included visiting historical places, going to zoos, hiking long trails, and also building blanket forts in the living room. 

As a multi-racial couple, we have embraced our diverse cultural traditions and continue to blend them into our lives.  On our wedding day, family and friends attended our two ceremonies celebrating our different backgrounds and everyone enjoyed experiencing new traditions.  We feel it is important for Raymond and our future children to learn about different cultures while also making sure they are part of a community with people that share their similar ethnic backgrounds.  Raymond has a growing collection of books with characters that look like him and we continue to expand our circle of friends to serve as role models for our children.         

We are also part of an adoption support group/play group with other trans-racial adoption families, so Raymond continues to have exposure to different types of families. 


Ali has many cousins that are adopted and each has their own level of openness.  We currently have an open adoption with Raymond’s birthmother with us sending annual photos and written updates.  We are open to this level of openness for our next adoption as well.  We will be open and honest and make sure that he/she knows about you and the adoption plan that you created for his/her future. 


Favorites Father-to-Be Mother-to-Be
Genre of Music Rock music Anything I can sing along and/or dance to
Childhood memory Family Thanksgivings over the years Family Vacations to Yosemite National Park
Quote “Be great today!” “Take your passion and make it happen!”
Subject in school Math, History, Science History
Holiday Thanksgiving Thanksgiving
Bedtime story Itsy-Bitsy Spider Dragons Love Tacos
Dessert Cake Chocolate Chip Cookies
Sport to watch or play The Olympics (Summer & Winter); World Cup The Olympics (Summer & Winter); football
Coffee or Tea? TEA Morning Coffee & Evening Tea
Phone App Trivia Crack Facebook
Best Wishes,

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We will raise your child with unconditional
love and support. The decision you are making is one out of love and will be cherished forever. “A mother’s hug lasts long after she lets go”-Author Unknown

We look forward to getting to know you.

With all our hearts,

Ali, Manish, Raymond, (& Grandpa Sarabhai)


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