Nicole & Rick

Facts Father-to-Be Mother-to-Be  
First Names Rick Nicole  
Religion Catholic Catholic  
Ethnic Background Italian


Education/Degree College-Bachelor’s Degree

Business School

Profession Financial Advisor Realtor-Title Insurance Agent  
Our Story

We met 4 ½ years ago but it was fate that truly brought us together. Rick, a financial advisor, was searching for a home to purchase and Nicole, a realtor, was asked to cover a few showings for a co-agent at her office.  Call it luck…but that sunny day changed our lives forever… we hit it off immediately.  Although Rick didn’t purchase a home that day it was a “priceless” commission for Nicole because she had found her soulmate. We went to dinner that weekend and have been together ever since.   Rick being the hopeless romantic proposed 6 months later and we said our “I do’s” in front of all of our family and friends.  We now are looking forward to adding to our “happily ever after” by expanding our family through adoption.


Family Life

We are extremely close with our families who are all super supportive and excited for us to grow our family through adoption.  All of Nicole’s family is local, which allows us to get together often for dinner, birthdays, holidays, and game nights.  Nicole was adopted by her parents out of foster care at the young age of 9 months old and is the oldest in her family.  Nicole feels she has been blessed to have been placed in a beautiful home with loving adoptive parents and 2 two younger siblings. Faith and tradition are a very big part of Nicole’s upbringing. Whether it be a traditional Sunday dinner together with 13 people or more, cookie bake day, or a midnight birthday phone call, Nicole is grateful for the little things in life.  

Rick’s family is mostly out of state so it is important for us to make sure we talk weekly, facetime, and get together as often as possible.  Rick is one of four children. His family shares their love of food and hard work while they own and run a crab/steak house restaurant in Maryland. We love sharing delicious finger licking meals together at the family restaurant!
From our siblings we have 5 beautiful nieces and 2 handsome nephews, we have a great time having them over our house for sleepovers and backyard/beach BBQ’s. Nicole loves taking her niece for her weekly piano lessons, and treating all the kids to a yearly Broadway show. Being an aunt and uncle is what we do best, but the kids have been asking and can’t wait for us to be placed with a new baby cousin for them.




We are just a few blocks from the beach and enjoy spending time there. We found our dream home 3 years ago and have started to make many great memories there. What we like most about our area is the schools and community parks. Most of our family and friends say our home is so warm and inviting that they don’t want to leave so they stay when they visit and enjoy our spacious back yard where we love to host our annual Labor Day BBQ.  We have a blast entertaining and can always be found in the kitchen cooking together for our family and friends.

When we are not workings we like to get in the car and drive to visit Rick’s college friends or see a new city and try out restaurants in the areas (big foodies we are).  We are always willing to try something new. Rick also spends time and provides employment for an organization called the Wounded Warriors for veterans.  This is a project that is dear to him as he comes from a family of service men.   




The path for us to become adoptive parents has been helped by Nicole being adopted herself.  Because Nicole is an adoptee we have a lot of questions answered for us in regard to the adoption process and the feelings and emotions that go along with it. We had spoken early in our marriage about the possibility of adopting and are ready and eager to start expanding our family. We know and understand what the needs of a child are and can’t wait to welcome a child into our home with love and support from our family and friends.   We know firsthand that this is an emotional journey for a birth family, adoptive family and child. We look forward to sharing this experience with a child and hold their needs first. We welcome communication with the birth parents and understand how important it is to know where you come from and promise to provide a positive foundation for their future in a loving family.

After being placed with a child Nicole plans on being a stay at home mom and Rick will continue to work as a self-employed Financial Advisor/Franchise Owner. We are hopeful to become parents and thank you for taking the time to get to know us.

Favorites Father-to-Be Mother-to-Be  
Favorite Genre of Music Oldies/80’s/Rock/Pop Classic Rock
Favorite childhood memory Sunday morning crab fishing Christmas morning
Favorite Subject in School Math English
Favorite Magazine Entrepreneur Magazine Home & Garden
Favorite TV show Deadliest Catch (Fishing Show) Homeland
Favorite Hero My Dad My Mom
Favorite Holiday Christmas Eve Christmas Eve
Favorite Bedtime Story The Story of Ferdinand Goodnight Moon
Favorite Dessert         Italian Ices (Ralph’s) Tiramisu
Favorite Actor/Actress Sylvester Stallone Charlize Theron
Favorite Video Game MLB PlayStation Just Dance
Favorite Sport to watch/play Baseball Baseball
Favorite gadget iPhone Magic Bullet for cooking
If your life was a theme song, what would it be? “Eye of the Tiger” “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”
Mac or PC? PC PC
Coffee or Tea? Coffee Coffee
Eat in or Dine Out? Both Both
Early Riser or Night Owl? Night Owl Night Owl
Best Wishes,

Our journey of starting a family had been difficult on us, but when deciding to adopt that was the easy part…we have finally been filled with hope and a positive light. We know that this is a difficult decision and experience for you but want you to know how wonderful adoption is. We vow that as your baby becomes our child we will provide a loving safe environment for them always. We have so much love to share. Because Nicole is adopted herself, we will be there to answer any questions and provide your child with knowledge their life story just as Nicole had experienced growing up as an adopted child.  Nicole grew up always saying and feeling that her adoptive parents were a gift from God and she was hand placed in their care. They truly were a blessing and we hope to be your child’s blessing as well. We wish for you to feel confident in knowing that we are grateful for this gift and can’t wait to grow our family together.

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