Valerie & Michael

Facts Mother-to-Be Father-to-Be  
First Names Valerie  Michael
Religion Christian Christian
Ethnic Background Scottish/French  Polish/Italian

Some college

College graduate

Profession Transportation Coordinator Project Manager
Our Story

Hi we are Michael and Valerie and we almost didn’t meet!  Michael sent me an email on Yahoo Personals but for some reason the website wouldn’t accept my credit card.  I received a second email from Michael saying that he guessed I wasn’t interested and good luck in my search because I hadn’t responded to his first email.  Luckily that day Yahoo finally accepted my credit card payment so I could communicate back.  We emailed back and forth for a few weeks until we finally met in person in March of 2009 in Sleepy Hollow, New York.  From there we went to a nearby mall and spent the day together.  A few months later Michael was going to move in with a friend of his but we found a little apartment and moved in together instead.  We lived together for a few years before getting married in January 2011.

Family Life

My mother and sister live about thirty minutes away and we get to see them about every other weekend.  I also has family in New York, Texas and California.  We keep in touch over social media.  Michael’s nearest relative is his aunt who lives in the heart of New York City.  He also has two brothers who live in Florida and Colorado with their families.  We keep in touch with them through phone calls and social media.

We have a small group of close friends we’ve known forever and we value our time with them very much.  Both our families and friends are very excited about our adoption plan and can’t wait to spoil the new arrival.

Even though I am Protestant and Michael is Catholic we would raise any child or children we have as Catholic.  Our town has a very good Catholic school which we are considering sending the child/children to.

Our Newest Tradition

For the last two years we have spent Christmas Eve in New York City!  We go in early to see a movie at the legendary Ziegeld Theater or Lincoln Center.  Then we walk around the city to see the Christmas tree in Rockerfeller Center and Saint Patrick’s Cathedral which is nearby.  From there we will walk to Times Square then take the train home.


Once we had decided to buy a home we looked for almost a year before finding our cute three bedroom, one bathroom home in a quiet suburb of New Jersey.  We love our little house and can usually be found working on the lawn and gardens on the weekends.  We have a big backyard which would be perfect for a large play area with a swing set, monkey bars and slide.

I read and write short fiction stories while Michael usually reads and is teaching himself to play piano.  I also cross-stitches and Michael can crochet. 

When we want to get away in the winter months we drive to Pennsylvania which is only an hour away so Michael can go skiing while I enjoy the snow-tubing.  We have also taken trips to Baltimore, Maryland, Washington DC and Philadelphia over the last few years.  Last year Michael ran his first 5K in Philadelphia!


We would always be open and honest with our child regarding his or her adoption and we want the child to have contact with you.  We are members of the New Jersey chapter of the Adoptive Parents Committee and would have a lot of support through that organization.    We understand our lives would change forever once we adopt.  We can’t wait to be involved in extracurricular activities, hobbies, or interests our child would like to pursue.  The changes in our lifestyle would be very much welcome.

Favorites Mother-to-Be Father-to-Be  
Genre of Music 80’s Rock/Pop    Rock
Favorite Subject in School  History  History 
Favorite Dessert Anything chocolate Ice cream
Favorite Actor Ewan McGregor Clint Eastwood
Favorite Sport Baseball/Hockey Baseball
Favorite Gadget Computer Computer
Mac or PC PC Mac
Coffee or Tea? Tea Coffee
Best Wishes,

Our personal message to you:  Our home is small and quiet.  We are financially stable.  We have good jobs and the support of family and friends….but something is missing from our lives; the love and laughter of a child.  To us our house is too quiet.  We want to hear the sound of little feet running through the house.  We look forward to staying up even later on Christmas Eve to put presents under the tree from Santa Claus and slip dollar bills under little pillows from the Tooth Fairy.  We want to hear the excited giggles of a child finding Easter Eggs in the backyard from the Easter Bunny.  We cannot imagine what you must have gone through before deciding to make an adoption plan for your baby but we are grateful that you are brave enough to choose adoption.  Thank you for viewing our profile.


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