Ladell & Amara


First Name: Amara

Religion: Christian

Ethnicity: African American (Black)

Education: B.A. Quantitative Economics Master of Economics

Profession: Actuary


First Name: Ladell

Religion: Christian

Ethnicity: African American (Black)

Education: B.A. Economics Master of Business Administration

Profession: Investment Management

Our Story

Hello! We are Ladell and Amara, and we sincerely appreciate you visiting our webpage. We met almost twenty years ago when Ladell was a business school student and Amara was living in Boston. Mutual friends of ours introduced us at a party and we began dating almost exclusively. We got married almost three years later.

We have been married 17 years and one word that would describe our marriage is adventurous! We have lived in three countries (including the USA) and we’ve been blessed to enjoy many experiences along the way.  Marriage (and life overall) has its ups and downs, but through our faith in God and commitment to one another our love and marriage keeps growing.

Ladell has an older sister and Amara is one of four siblings. We love our siblings and our parents and appreciate the time we have with them. We do not have children yet and are excited about growing our family through adoption. We believe children are gifts from God and that each child has a purpose and place in this world. We believe that people become parents through different ways and that through adoption we can grow our family. We have a tremendous amount of love (and stability) to offer and want to help our future children achieve the purpose God has for them. We also believe that children will multiply the love in our family.

Family Life

We are both Christians and were raised in Christian households. Our faith is very important to us and although we acknowledge other religions, we intend to raise our children in the Christian faith.  This will include attending our local church, praying and reading the Bible.

We also value education and humanity. We will seek to provide our children with a strong education so they can discover themselves, the world around them and determine how to achieve their individual potential. We both appreciate how our education has created opportunities for us. Lastly, we will teach our children to respect others, respect our planet, have compassion and be a contributor to a better world.

On the weekends we can be found at home reading or exploring the neighborhood. We enjoy trying new restaurants, watching movies, discussing current events and visiting with friends from time to time. Ladell also enjoys watching sports and running and he intends to do a little of both during the weekend.


In anticipation of growing our family through adoption, we recently purchased a 4-bedroom home in a nice community that is very diverse and has good public and private schools. We are close to grocery stores, restaurants and other amenities. There are two parks within a 10- minute walk that have spaces for picnics, playing sports and a children’s play area. We have a nice yard with trees & plants (feels like a small private garden), a small deck and a swimming pool which we will eventually restore to be safe for children.  We are taking our time to decorate our home as we want it to be a place that we are proud to call home.

The neighborhood has all types of families and everyone says great things about the area. There are many festivals and events to enjoy. Everyone seems very friendly. As we walk around our new community, we believe we have found a home where we can build community and have a great environment for children. We envision many happy memories for our future family.


We are open to contact with you and extended members of your family such as biological grandparents. We believe this may help provide comfort with your decision to consider us as adoptive parents.

Presently, we believe it would be good to establish a Facebook page for the birth family to see how your baby is doing and to post messages.

We will let your baby know that by considering us as adoptive parents, your decision was made from love and that you blessed our marriage by allowing us to raise your child. We would love to meet you if that would help with your decision. We would like to hear from you about the type of contact you would prefer.

We intend to raise our children to respect and value all people. We will encourage your child to build friendships and relationships with people of all social and economic backgrounds.  We will also teach our children about the history of the world, including Black American history. We want your child to be knowledgeable and proud of their Black heritage while also appreciating the contributions that everyone can make towards creating a better world.

Best Wishes

Thank you for reading our webpage and learning about us. We fully appreciate the importance of your decision to consider an adoption plan.

We would like to assure you that we will love your baby and we will do all we can to ensure they have the best opportunities in life. This is exactly what our parents did for us. Your baby will be welcomed into a family of grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends that are excited about their arrival. We have a tremendous amount of love to offer in our family.

As Christians, we believe everything is ordained by God and we believe adoption is part of God’s plan for us. We will always ensure your baby knows that he/she was a gift from God to us through you and we will care for him or her.

Thank you and God bless you.

Ladell & Amara

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