Effie & Adrian


First Name: Effie

Religion: Protestant/Christian

Ethnicity: Greek

Education: Bachelors in Early Childhood & Montessori Certification

Profession: Co-Director of Montessori Preschool & Montessori Preschool Teacher


First Name: Adrian

Religion: Protestant/Christian

Ethnicity: Hispanic

Education: Masters in Human Resource Management

Profession: Human Resource Manager

Our Story

Hi! We are Adrian and Effie. We are so excited that you are taking the time to read our adoption profile and get to know us. We hope that our profile reflects our love for one another and our desire to grow our family through adoption.

We have been married for three years and have been together since 2018. We met online on Christian Mingle. It took a while for us to start communicating, since at the time Effie lived in New Jersey and Adrian lived in Staten Island, so Effie was hesitant to get to know someone that lived such a distance away. (Adrian teases her that she was just playing hard to get).  But once we started chatting, we hit it off. After a short time, we agreed to meet for dinner. We remember seeing one another from a distance walking towards each other, Adrian holding a bouquet of red roses and Effie waving and smiling, as we both approached each other in person and came together for the first time. We had dinner by candlelight and afterwards strolled around town holding hands and talking about our hopes and dreams.

After that night we were inseparable. Adrian would make the long drive from Staten Island to New Jersey often to take Effie out on dates. Most of our dates were spent in New York City. We also spent a lot of time enjoying Brooklyn. Adrian was excited to show Effie around where he grew up. We had our first kiss on the Brooklyn Bridge and Adrian proposed a year later at Sunset Beach in Cape May, New Jersey. It was all very romantic (except for the fact that Adrian was so nervous about proposing that he forgot to put sunscreen on! He was a lobster by the end of the night and instead of ending the night with a moon lite walk on the beach, he needed to go back to the Inn to rest!).

Adrian according to Effie:

Adrian is a laid back, fun loving, God fearing, sweet guy. He’s kind of like a big cuddly teddy bear. He loves the Lord, is quick to lend a helping hand to others, and tries his best to live his life with integrity. He’s definitely a big kid at heart! He loves reading, especially anything Marvel, he owns a stack of Marvel comic books. He loves Sci-Fi and superhero movies, his favorite superheroes being Spiderman and Superman. He’s also a huge sports fanatic. He loves basketball, baseball, and football. He enjoys watching the Brooklyn Nets, the Yankees, and the Jets play. He’s a die-hard Yankee fan (complete with a Yankee tattoo and all). He enjoys going to baseball games with his Dad and is looking forward to taking our future child to the stadium to watch a game one day. There is no shortage of sports and superhero paraphernalia in our home.

Adrian is also a very astute, hardworking, and caring HR Manager. He’s empathetic towards others and really tries his best to help his employees. I was first attracted to Adrian because of his sense of humor and gentleness. He was always very sweet with me, kept me laughing, always a gentleman, and he still is, even after several years of marriage. He’s a wonderful, caring husband and I have no doubt he will be a loving, hands-on father one day.

Effie according to Adrian:

Effie’s a smart, Godly, loving woman who cares for others more than she cares for herself. She’s gentle and patient, very hardworking, and has been a wonderful support to me. I trust her judgement because she’s a great listener and is always good for effective feedback, even if it’s hard to hear the truth. She loves experimenting in the kitchen with new recipes. She’s a great cook that not only tries to make delicious hearty meals, but healthy, non-greasy ones as well. She’s made me into a much leaner, healthier man since we met!

Effie is the Co-Director of a Montessori preschool close to our home. It’s like her “home away from home.” The kids love her, and I believe that’s because she’s fun loving and has a smile that can light up any room. She’s a dedicated and creative teacher who is always busy redesigning her classroom in ways that engage her children and inspire them to learn about the world around them in a new way.

She loves to sew and has made some beautiful quilts for family and friends including an awesome one for me with my favorite comic book superheroes. She also enjoys going to the gym, long walks with her mom, and sitting by the television at night where she desperately tries to stay awake but always falls asleep in front of her favorite shows. And when summer comes you can hardly tear her away from the pool or the beach!

I fell in love with Effie because she’s a beautiful person inside and out and can be trusted to always be there for me emotionally, spiritually, and even mentally. She’s an awesome wife and I think she would make a great Mom.

Family Life

Adrian is Puerto Rican and was born and raised in Brooklyn, N.Y. He is very close to his parents who live in Staten Island. He chats with them on the phone daily and sees them every other weekend. Adrian’s an only child, so needless to say, he is doted over by his mom tremendously!  He has an extended family that he enjoys spending time with which includes many uncles, aunts, and cousins, all of whom live in and around N.Y. Florida and Puerto Rico.

Effie is Greek and was born and raised in Bergen County, NJ for most of her childhood. She also lived overseas in Greece and England for a time when her father’s business took their family out of the country. Her father passed away when she was a teenager, but she is very close to her mom, whom she sees almost on a daily basis as she lives just 10 minutes from our home. Effie is also very close to her brother and sister, as well as her niece and nephews, even though they now live in California. She does Facetime with them often and sees them several times a year. She comes from a large extended family with many aunts, uncles, and cousins, most of whom live nearby.  And we can’t forget our family cat Lela, which Effie and her mom affectionately call “their baby,” as they adopted her when she was just a kitten.

Both of us were raised with and continue to be surrounded by family traditions including lots of food, family gatherings, laughter, and love. There are always BBQs, family parties, Greek dancing, Christmas and New Year traditions of tree decorating, and baking all of the Greek & Puerto Rican specialty sweets like Greek baklava and Puerto Rican pasteles. There is also cutting of the Greek New Year’s bread to see who gets the coin and has luck for the new year ahead. Effie’s family roasts a whole leg of lamb on the spit during Easter time, while the cousins have an Easter egg hunt. During the summer we spend much time at Adrian’s parents’ home, enjoying the pool and many delicious barbeques. We can’t wait to experience all of these cherished family traditions with our future child one day, as well as incorporate their culture and traditions into our home. Your child will grow up with fun and loving grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.

Both of us grew up in a loving, Christian home and our faith is the foundation of our lives. We love the Lord Jesus Christ with all our hearts and plan on raising our future child with Christian values.


We both work during the week, so weekends are reserved for family time and time spent with each other. We both enjoy time spent outdoors, whether it be hiking, or long walks at our local parks. We love taking day trips by car to discover new areas, towns and restaurants. We also enjoy going into the city to explore or to see a Broadway show. Sometimes we also just like to chill at home and lounge on our comfy sofa watching movies or reading or enjoying brunch together.

We get together often with our families for family dinners, or to do seasonal activities, day trips or to simply just hang out. Our favorite seasons are fall and summer. We are happiest when we are anywhere near water. We love relaxing by the beach or the pool.  We enjoy vacationing, some of our favorite vacation spots being Wildwood (which we both have fond memories of from our childhood), Cape May, the Poconos, the Virgin Islands and California.

We are both very simple people and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. We appreciate everyday things like sharing dinner each night and chatting about our day. Our home is a happy, warm place, filled with much laughter. We live near several local parks, playgrounds and a beautiful child-friendly community pool. We are so excited, God-willing, to one day welcome a child into our home and our hearts.


We recognize the importance of a child knowing who they are and where they came from. We can only imagine what a gut-wrenching decision this is for you. We are open to having any type of relationship that makes you feel most comfortable, whether it be emails, letters, photos, annual visits, etc. Whatever would give you the most peace of mind in knowing your child is being cherished and loved.

As a Montessori preschool teacher Effie aspires to put into practice Maria Montessori’s methods of not trying to mold a child into who we want them to be, but letting them develop naturally into who they will become. With her own class of children, she strives to follow Maria Montessori’s philosophy which basically states, “free a child’s potential and you will transform him into the world.” This is our hope and dream for your child. We pray that we can support them as they explore their interests, develop their natural curiosity, gain their self-confidence and independence, and develop a life-long love of learning. We pray we can empower them and give them a solid foundation for life, so that they can grow up to become all that God created them to be.

Best Wishes

We have much love in our hearts and would be overjoyed to welcome your child into our home. Your child would be the greatest gift we have ever received, and we promise to love him or her unconditionally, protect and guide them, and provide them with every opportunity within our means to give them the most blessed life possible.

We will be praying for you, that the Lord guides you, directs you, and gives you peace as you grapple to make the best decision for you and your child. We look forward to meeting in person, God-willing, and beginning a new journey in this life together.

With Love,
Adrian & Effie

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