Elizabeth & Peter


First Name: Elizabeth

Religion: Catholic

Ethnicity: Irish, English, Scottish & Italian

Education: BA Economics Boston College

Profession: Stay at home mom

Ages/Names of Children: Julia (23), Justin (18), Emily (14) - biological


First Name: Peter

Religion: Catholic

Ethnicity: German

Education: BBA Accounting - Pace University, BA Studio Art - William Paterson University

Profession: Business Process Consultant

Ages/Names of Children: Julia (23), Justin (18), Emily (14) - biological

Our Story

Hi, we are Peter and Elizabeth.  Thank you for taking the time to get to know us.  We met at a mutual friend’s birthday party.  Not long after meeting, Peter asked Elizabeth out to dinner.  During our dinner date, we realized how much we had in common and how much we really enjoyed each other’s company. We have been inseparable ever since.  We got married 18 months later at our church with all our family and friends. Our relationship and love for one another has grown stronger over time.  We are best friends that balance each other out well.   We have been blessed with 3 wonderful children: Julia, Justin, and Emily.  We want more than anything to share the love we have for each other and for our children with another child.

Family Life

We have a very close-knit family.  We enjoy spending time with our parents, siblings, nieces and nephews.   Most of our family lives close to us, and we see them a few times month.  We like to go on vacations with our families.  Elizabeth is a stay at home mom.  We are Catholic and will raise the baby in the Catholic faith. We have a dog named Daisy who loves kids, a rabbit named Barnaby and a fish named Ocean.  We also foster homeless puppies that have been rescued until a permanent home is found for them. Our kids really enjoy helping and caring for these homeless puppies.

We have many traditions.  Every year we go apple and pumpkin picking in the fall.  We always make cookies for Santa and food for the reindeer at Christmas.  The night before St. Patrick’s Day, we make a leprechaun trap to hopefully one day catch a leprechaun.  We decorate Easter eggs and have Easter Egg hunts for Easter. It is also a tradition of ours to make homemade cards for our family members for birthdays, holidays and just to say thank you.  The kids really enjoy making them.  One of the most important values we teach our children is gratitude.

Our children get along well and have fun together. They are excited about our plans to add to our family through adoption. They are already making plans to teach him or her how to play soccer and basketball and how to make sandcastles at the beach.


We spend a lot of time outdoors with the children.  We enjoy taking them hiking, swimming, biking, skiing and sledding in the winter.    We especially like to take them to Vermont to visit Peter’s parents.  We enjoy taking them to fun places like Disneyland, zoos and amusement parks.  We enjoy going to the kid’s sports games.  Our favorite thing to do is to just stay home and be together. We frequently play the card game Go Fish or the board game Trouble. 

We live in a two-story house with a spacious backyard.  The neighborhood we live in is very family oriented.  Our town is filled with kids, playgrounds, parks and good schools.  We have made many good friends in our town that we like to spend time with.  

Peter is very handy and does most of the house repairs himself.  He loves woodworking and makes furniture. He also loves gardening and keeping the yard beautiful. He enjoys coaching our son’s soccer team.

Elizabeth is very health conscious and tries to make healthy meals and snacks for the family.  She loves sports, exploring new places and volunteers at the kid’s schools.  She is currently trying to teach herself to speak Spanish.


We believe that we are meant to adopt a child.  We would embrace an open relationship with you and your family if that is your preference.  We are open to any level of contact that you choose including letters, pictures, email contact, telephone contact and visits.  Thank you for considering us.

Best Wishes

We have so much more love in our hearts to give another child and believe in our hearts that we are meant to adopt.  We have hearts full of love to offer your baby: our hearts and the hearts of older siblings waiting to share their love with them.  We will devote our lives to loving your baby and giving them a life filled with happiness.  We wish you God’s peace in making your decision.

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