Jordyn & Sami


First Name: Samantha (Sami)

Religion: Catholic

Ethnicity: Italian/Lithuanian/Scottish

Education: Bachelor’s of Science in Exercise Physiology, Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT)

Profession: Physical Therapist


First Name: Jordyn

Religion: Jewish

Ethnicity: Russian/Polish/Austrian

Education: Bachelor’s of Science in Biology, Doctorate of Dental Medicine (DMD)

Profession: General Dentist

Our Story

Hello! Thank you for taking the time to visit our page to get to know us!  We are Samantha and Jordyn. We have been together for 12 years and married for 3 ½ years.  We met through a mutual friend who gave Sami Jordyn’s number, and it was truly love at first text. After 3 months of talking, we made it official and have spent every day loving each other more. We spent the first 3.5 years in a long-distance relationship.  Sami would drive 640 miles round-trip a few times a month to go see Jordyn, and Jordyn would get teary-eyed every time that she left.  We would Skype for hours every night, both of falling asleep with my laptop on our beds or phones to our ears.

Luckily, we did away with the long-distance once Jordyn started college.  At just an hour away, Jordyn drove back and forth almost every weekend to see Sami while attending rival schools (Jordyn still gets teased by Sami’s family for that!).  We went to all the school football games tried as many restaurants as we could – we are both huge foodies and sports fans – and hiked to several scenic outlooks.

We always had a favorite picture from hiking years back in the arboretum with friends where we were holding hands.  Sami and her brother spent hours finding the exact spot/tree from our first hike together at a botanical garden, and she carved “Marry Me?” into a tree and added our initials after Jordyn said yes.  We truly are soul mates and my best friend, and we cannot imagine laughing through life with anyone else.

After graduation, Sami followed Jordyn home to New Jersey while she attended dental school for 4 years to become a dentist – Sami hates going to the dentist, so Jordyn was exceptionally grateful .  While Jordyn was in dental school, we got married on a cruise, where we were joined by all our family and friends for 7 days of celebration and then went to Europe for our honeymoon. We always agreed we could get our first dog after our honeymoon, and we quite literally went to the shelter and rescued our first dog, Freya the day after we got home.  We were joined by our other dog Bruce shortly after, and now they are best friends.

Family Life

We are both huge family-oriented people with tight-knit families.  Sami’s parents live in West Virginia but drive up for all birthdays, holidays, and parties. Jordyn’s parents, sister, brother-in-law and our nephew live 10 minutes away.  We see them every weekend for family dinner and time by the pool in the summer.

Between our families, we go on one family vacation each year and one alone. Sami’s parents have a family tradition of going to Lake Norman, North Carolina, once every year since Sami was 6 weeks old, while Jordyn’s family prefers trips to the beach, cruising, or Disney world.

We have two dogs, Freya and Bruce.  Freya is a nurturing, cuddly 4-year-old German Shepherd Mix, and Bruce is a cuddly yet fiery almost-2-year old Beagle Mix.  Freya and Bruce are best friends and love to sprint around grandma and grandpa’s pool, play tug-of-war with their toys and follow around Wyatt, our 1-year-old nephew.

Your child will be raised with both Catholic and Jewish traditions, will be exposed to all of the holidays and will be encouraged to follow whichever religion they wish, or both, when they come of age.


We have been spending as much time as we can trying to explore the world. We have traveled to 15 countries and hope to continue our adventures with a new addition to the family!

Both of us love sports and grew up playing soccer and basketball.  We love to attend WVU football games, Sixer’s basketball games, Eagles games and US soccer games. We both grew up in families that played outside, and we treasured every moment. Sami grew up boating every weekend and doing water sports and hopes to pass on her love of water.  Her family always refers to her as “the water baby” who used to take naps on their family boat as she was rocked to sleep by the waves.

As much as we love to go out, we also enjoy weekends in with board games, roasting marshmallows outside and movie night at home with our two dogs by our side. Jordyn loves to complete puzzles, even better if there is snow outside to watch and Christmas decorations to surround us. Doing puzzles runs in the family, with both sets of future grandparents always joining in.  We are competitive in sports, board games and compete on the mini golf course – a trip to the beach is never complete without a game with Jordyn’s dad.

We live and work in a community that is rich in many cultures, religions and opportunities for new experiences in which we immerse ourselves and look forward to enjoying with our child/children.


Adoption was always our first choice – we are ecstatic to be considered and eagerly await the arrival of the bundle of joy meant for our family.  Our door is always open to you for however much contact you wish – we are open to sending pictures/videos of major milestones, emails and letters, annual visits, and more if you wish.  We admire your courage in this process and hope you feel comfort and trust in scrolling these pages.

We have always found exploring other cultures meaningful whether it be through travel, food, friends, and/or life experiences.  We look forward to immersing our child and entire family into their culture to discover where they are from and to feel whole-heartedly themselves.

We are a same-sex couple whose family is anchored in different religions and ethnic backgrounds, built on acceptance and sharing love of different cultures and celebrating differences.  We want to share those morals and love with our child, for themselves and the community.

Best Wishes

Our love for your child will be unconditional and unwavering.  We promise to fill his/her life with laughs and adventures, comfort with snuggles on the couch as we watch movies, fun as we play boardgames and sports, a home full of holiday decorations and hot chocolate after playing in the snow, love from us, friends, family, grandparents and pups, and the confidence to be themselves wholeheartedly.

Sami and Jordyn, Freya and Bruce

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