Kerry & Andrew


First Name: Kerry

Religion: Agnostic

Ethnicity: Irish & Polish

Education: Currently Pursuing a master's degree in becoming a Nurse Practitioner

Profession: Registered Nurse


First Name: Andrew

Religion: Agnostic

Ethnicity: Irish

Education: Masters in Public Health

Profession: Radiation Therapist

Our Story

Hello! We’re Kerry and Andrew, thank you for visiting our page! We met in 2011 while working at a local pizza place one summer. Andrew went back to college and Kerry began her senior year of high school. Years later, in 2016 to be exact, we reconnected online and began dating. We got engaged in 2019 after Kerry graduated from nursing school and had a winter wedding in December 2021. We bring out the best in each other and hope to bring out the best in our future child as well. Andrew’s positivity is infectious, and Kerry is always ready to lend a listening ear.  Together with our two dogs, Teddy and Rusty, we are excited to grow our family through adoption!


Family Life

We pride ourselves on seeing the best in others and acting in accordance with our core values. Honesty, kindness, and open-heartedness make up the foundation of our family and are values we plan to instill in our children. We view our home as a safe space where everyone is free to be themselves.

Family is important to us and we gather together frequently. We spend holidays together with both sides of the family- Thanksgiving is a mutual favorite! We look forward to seeing our parents become grandparents and Andrew’s siblings becoming aunts and uncles.




We live in a small town with parks and walking trails nearby. We enjoy going on walks with our dogs, treating ourselves to coffee at our local shop and working out together at the gym. Andrew enjoys bird watching, hiking, and playing board games. Kerry spends time reading, experimenting with various craft projects, and listening to podcasts.

We enjoy travelling together, exploring new cities and towns and love searching for our next adventure. We look forward to taking our child on various trips and sharing our love of discovering new places.


An open adoption is important for our family and we strive to find a comfort level that works for you.   We hope we are able to update you about your child with pictures, emails, visits and telephone contact.

Diversity and inclusion are at the core of what we do as healthcare workers. We look forward to learning more about the ethnic background of your child and finding ways to incorporate their culture into our everyday lives.


Best Wishes

Teddy and Rusty would like you to know that Kerry and Andrew have been the best dog parents and we have no doubt they will be amazing parents to our baby brother or sister! We look forward to family walks together and lots of snuggles!

Kerry & Andrew

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