Marti & Dan


First Name: Marti

Religion: Protestant

Ethnicity: Irish-German

Education: Bachelors in Journalism & Mass Communications

Profession: TV News Producer


First Name: Dan

Religion: Jewish

Ethnicity: French-Moroccan

Education: Bachelors in Broadcast Journalism; Bachelors in Communication

Profession: Marketing & Sponsorship Manager

Our Story

Hi, we are Dan & Marti. We met 16 years ago and we recently celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary. In 2021, we settled in Essex County and absolutely love it here. Our community is diverse, eclectic and offers an incredible range of activities for families and children. We see ourselves spending the rest of our lives here.

We’ve been fortunate enough to experience life in various parts of the country through our work. It all started for Dan in Brooklyn, New York, where he was born and raised. Marti grew up near Baltimore, Maryland, as the daughter of a nurse and a Navy veteran. Both of our families encouraged and supported us on our journey as children, young adults and they remain a big part of our lives.

Although we were born in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, we actually met while working in South Carolina. We come from completely different ethnic, religious and social backgrounds but somehow we’ve been a perfect match since day one. We immediately bonded over our shared loves of music, baseball and enjoying time with the people we care most about in the world.

In the 10 years we’ve been married, we’ve spent a lot of time laughing, learning from one another and hoping to grow our family one day.

Family Life

Our core values as a couple all center on family and love. The most basic truth about us is that we believe we can provide a safe, wholesome and nurturing life for any child who we’re blessed to welcome into our home.

We really enjoy having family visit as often as possible. Whether it’s a big holiday gathering, or just a nice Saturday spent grilling out in the backyard. We have family that lives nearby, as well as relatives who live in different parts of the U.S. and abroad. We enjoy getting to travel to spend time with them and experiencing the different cultures they are part of. We look forward to sharing all of that with a child.

We believe in accepting people with open arms and without judgment – and that’s how we try to live our lives every day. Dan was raised Jewish and Marti was raised Protestant. We’ve each truly embraced each other’s traditions that were part of our upbringing. We’re excited to share all of that with a child without pressure or expectation.


Some of our favorite experiences are as simple as spending a night at home together, cooking dinner as a family and watching a movie. We love reading books and watching baseball games – and rooting for our Mets and Orioles!

Outside our doors are so many wonderful options for kids. We’re close to a zoo, museums, parks, hiking trails and a quick train ride to New York City (with all it has to offer). We’re also extremely close to several local schools and fields, so our neighborhood is almost always filled with the sounds of laughter and kids playing.

We also love to go to the beach, sporting events, community festivals and connecting with our neighbors at cookouts.


We would love for our relationship with you to be as open as possible, while respecting the boundaries you might want to set. Please know that we will remain committed to doing whatever is best for your child.

He or she will be surrounded by love and support – We welcome that being something that’s provided to them collectively and we’ll do what we can to ensure that happens. That would include opportunities to visit with him or her, sharing photos and letters, and maintaining a line of communication for the rest of your child’s life.

Since we both come from different ethnic backgrounds and we see that as one of the most beautiful parts of our lives, we fully embrace the opportunity to experience that with a child. We genuinely live in a melting pot of a community where children of all races and backgrounds play together and grow together.

If we were fortunate enough to welcome a child of a different race or ethnicity into our lives, we would fill our home with visual and educational touchpoints so that they would stay connected to their heritage of origin right from the start. We would also immerse ourselves into our child’s cultural background so that it would remain a part of our collective experience for the rest of our lives.

Best Wishes

We want to start by saying thank you for considering us as you make this decision for your child. And we want to honor that consideration with a promise: we will love your child unconditionally and work every minute of every day to provide a safe, supportive, accepting and loving environment for them.

We understand that this may be one of the most difficult and challenging chapters of your life. Please do not think of this as an ending but rather as a beginning. We promise that your child will know who you are, understand how selflessly you acted and will always have an open line to connect with you if you wish to keep that door open for them.

Thank you,
Dan & Marti

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