Brian, Niki, Zoe & Brian Jr.


First Name: Nicole “Niki”

Religion: Christian

Ethnicity: Italian/Irish

Profession: Registered Nurse

Ages/Names of Children: Zoe, 19 (Biological) & Brian, 16 (Biological)


First Name: Brian

Religion: Christian

Ethnicity: Argentinian/Norwegian

Profession: Engineer

Ages/Names of Children: Zoe, 19 (Biological) & Brian, 16 (Biological)

Our Story

Hi we are Niki and Brian welcome to our page! We are high school sweethearts that are proof that love conquers all. We met through mutual friends during summer break in high school when we were 16 (Niki) and 17 (Brian). Niki’s friend told her that she knew a guy who could drive them to Seaside Heights for teen night to go dancing and that’s when Brian pulled up in his truck and their lives changed forever. Brian always says he fell in love the second Niki walked down the stairs. We fell in love, but even better, we became the very best of friends. We love the same music, fast cars, riding dirt bikes, big trucks, bonfires in the woods, riding jet skis/boats, going to the movies, working in the garage on various projects, taking drives together with the windows down enjoying our favorite songs, and just laughing together.

Early on we loved talking about our dirt bikes, trucks, and quads in the woods and had a blast riding which is something we still enjoy to this day. We had an unplanned pregnancy when Niki was 19 and Brian was 20 and welcomed our daughter, Zoe, into our lives. Two and half years later we welcomed our son, Brian. Our children have been our entire lives since they were born. We both share the same understanding that nothing is more important than family.

We have wanted to grow our family for many years, but after multiple miscarriages we have decided to pursue adoption. We appreciate you taking the time to allow us the opportunity to introduce ourselves. While we cannot understand what you are going through we both can assure you that our hearts are completely open to both you and your child. We also understand that our biological children are older, but they are amazing kids who want for a little brother/sister so badly. We don’t know what the future holds, but our hearts are open to adopting more children down the road.

Family Life

Family is our tradition! We are big on family and are very close with our families. Niki’s family has a LOT of children so our children have MANY cousins. There’s huge holiday gatherings especially for Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Years! Traditions include New Years in the Florida Keys at one of grandma’s houses watching fire works, Christmas at grandma’s New Jersey house on the river, Halloween in our beautiful neighborhood that’s overflowing with children and families trick or treating, Easter brunch with all the cousins, Fourth of July either in the Florida Keys or in NJ on the water watching the men of the family out on the docks setting off fireworks while the kids run around with sparklers. Of course all of these great family gatherings are chock full of love, laughter, and delicious food!

We are Christians and raise our children in our faith. We do not attend Church on a regular basis rather we practice our faith by being good Christians at home. These values include: the love and acceptance of our children as who they are, however God has made them.

We told you we love big family so it will come as no surprise this includes pets! We thought it was special to give each of our children “their own” dog once they were old enough to care for them. We felt it was a great way for them to learn responsibility while also being good for them mentally to have their own pet to comfort them on those days you just need a friend (we all know those pre-teen/teen years can be rough). Zoe has a 5 year old two pound micro chihuahua named Bella that is absolutely the queen of our house. Brian’s dog Oscar was a rescue, his breed is called Mountain Feist, he’s the absolute sweetest 20 lb dog you have ever met. We both claim the other pets which include: our sibling Sphynx cats named Luna & Frankie and our newest addition is our puppy named Shep who is a German Shepherd/Husky mix the breed is often referred to as Shepsky. He is currently 3.5 months old and loves people and other animals alike. All of our animals have constant exposure to other animals and small children. They are all great with kids and cannot wait to have a new human!


We live in a five bedroom, two story home with a big backyard in a beautiful neighborhood on a quiet cul de sac. We have a swimming pool and a trampoline in our fenced backyard. Our neighborhood has side walks that are lined with big beautiful trees that change the most magnificent colors throughout the year. This neighborhood is full of children and there is more than one park including playgrounds within walking distance. The school system is highly rated and our children have thrived here. Our daughter graduated high school last year receiving awards for academics. Our son is currently top 100 in his class and has also won many academic awards. It is one of our top priorities as parents to provide our children every opportunity possible in life to pursue their dreams.

Our lifestyle is very family oriented. Niki works from home as a Registered Nurse Health and Social Services Clinical Coordinator for United Health Care. This role affords her a comfortable living while allowing her to be home everyday with the children. Brian recently resigned from his engineering position to renovate the basement into an apartment for Zoe because she didn’t want to move away while she is in college. Depending on what the future brings he will either work for himself performing freelance engineering or focus on our new baby while Niki is working. Our careers afford us the ability to be home without the need for any additional childcare.

We try to lead an active lifestyle. Every weekday we walk to the park by our house and stroll along the path with our dogs. Depending on the weekend you would find us working around the house, walking around the neighborhood with the dogs, driving the truck in the woods, riding dirt bikes with our son, going out to dinner together. The time of year also plays a role in what you might find us doing. For instance, last weekend we went as a big group (including our siblings and cousins) to a haunted hayride. We both really love fall and Halloween! Every year we decorate the house for Halloween and Christmas. Around Christmas time we drive around and look at the lights. The summer time we are at the beach, out on the water in the boats, riding jet skis, riding around on our bikes, and swimming in our pool. Our main goal is finding activities we can do as a family. Niki’s parents own multiple waterfront vacation homes in the Florida Keys, which we have free access to, so we try to go down as much as possible for sun, sand, and fun with the kids. We are always dreaming of how much we wish we had more children to share our adventures with.


Our level of comfort is completely open to whatever you want. You are sharing the most amazing opportunity for us and we are absolutely open to your needs. We will provide the level of contact you choose.

Best Wishes

To the parent(s) of my future little brother or sister,

I wanted to thank you for taking the time to read through my family’s profile. Please allow me to introduce myself. Hi, I am Zoe, Brian and Nicole’s daughter, I asked my parents for the opportunity to write something in our portfolio because, if I were in your situation, I would love to hear about the possible parents of my child from a child they have already raised. It was my choice not to go away to college, like all my friends, because I can’t imagine being far away from my parents. Most of my friends couldn’t wait to get away from their parents, but mine are different. Let me tell you a bit more about them. From the day I was born, when my parents were just kids themselves, they made every decision from that point on selflessly and completely for me and my brother. Being born into my family is the biggest blessing I was ever gifted. My mom was super mom to me growing up; she worked a full-time job and never missed a sports game, a school play, or any other event. All throughout my life, my parents gave me endless opportunities to try any sport I wanted, to be who I wanted, and to choose my own path while making sure it was the right one. It was the perfect balance of support, freedom, and structure. Now that I am older and can see things through different eyes, I have so much gratitude towards the people they are. My whole life, all my friends would always beg to come to my house—all of them—for multiple weeks at a time; some would even live with me (my parents always provided a safe space for other kids that were going through hardship at their homes). I never understood why, though. What was so special about my house? I knew a lot of people growing up who were in very unfortunate situations. My parents always held an open door for everyone, no matter what their circumstances were. They were working full-time jobs and using their extra money to pay for my friend’s clothes and even their sports seasons because they felt they all deserved to have the things they weren’t fortunate enough to have. Everyone always felt safe in our space, and now that I am older, I see it’s because my family is full of genuinely good people. There is a lot of bad in this world, and that is why I say my family is my greatest blessing because it is full of good-hearted people. People who always lend a helping hand to others, people who go out of their way for others, and people who want the best for everyone. Thanks to my family’s constant acceptance and incredible child-raising skills, I am proud to be the person I am. My goal is to graduate from law school and become a practicing attorney, and my brother’s dream is to be a doctor. I fully accredit these career dreams we have to the hard work instilled in us by our parents and the constant reassurance that we are capable of anything we put our minds to. Most importantly, in this note to you, I must add some bad with the good. The hardest thing I had to witness would be the feeling that there was always something missing. I had to watch my parents struggle with infertility for years, always seeing the desire for more love to add to the family in my mother’s eyes. Me and my brother have always wanted a sibling, and we have been talking about my mom and dad adopting a baby for years now, so we are both very excited about the possibility of it. I have this picture in my mind of being the cool older sibling picking up their younger sibling from school while all their friends stand around saying how lucky they are to have an older sister. I want to watch my parents put up an elf around the house and spoil a little kid rotten with Christmas presents in a room full of smiles on Christmas morning. I am empathic to what you’re going through, and I know it has to be difficult to choose from a selection of profiles for someone to raise your baby. I just needed to tell you, as someone who was raised by the two people whose file you are reading right now, they will provide your baby with endless love and support. They do not take anything in this life for granted and lead through life with good intentions always. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Regardless of what choice you make my family is sending their love to you.


Brian, Niki, Zoe & Brian Jr.

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