Preethi & Dhruv


First Name: Preethi

Religion: Hindu

Ethnicity: Indian

Education: Bachelors

Profession: Stay-at-home-mom

Ages/Names of Children: Vidyut (Adopted) 2-years-old


First Name: Dhruv

Religion: Hindu

Ethnicity: Indian

Education: Bachelors, CGMA, ACMA

Profession: Senior Director, FP&A

Ages/Names of Children: Vidyut (Adopted) 2-years-old

Our Story

Hello, we are Preethi and Dhruv, welcome to our page! We met initially at the University we both attended and had a cordial friendship. After being friends for over a year we started dating. We had our first holiday as a couple in Paris in 2003.

After being in a 3-year relationship we got engaged in Dec 2005. We had a small ceremony in London with our closest family and friends. We got married in a huge Indian ceremony in India in Feb 2006.

After numerous unsuccessful attempts to become parents; we were fortunate to conceive through IVF in Nov/Dec 2010. Unfortunately, our happiness was momentary. After 17 weeks of being pregnant with our twins, we went through labor and miscarried. Since then, we have tried countless times (naturally and fertility treatments) to become parents but have been unsuccessful. In early 2017 we started to research various options available such as adoption, surrogacy and fostering. After lengthy discussions with family and friends, we felt that adoption was the best option to fulfill our dreams of being parents to a loving child. After visiting many adoption agencies in NY and NJ; we felt that Family Options was the most suited to our values.

In March 2020, we were very excited to adopt a beautiful boy through Family Options during the height of the pandemic. His name is Vidyut.

Family Life

Family values are critically important to us, it helps to shape our beliefs, understandings, individual habits/behavior and sense of belonging in a challenging world. We celebrate birthdays, holidays, joyous occasions as a big family, which further reinforces our beliefs in family values and traditions.

Our child(ren) will be raised in our religion (Hinduism) as well as the birth parents’ religion. It is of utmost important for you child to understand their birth parents’ religions, cultures and we aim to embrace and celebrate them with them.


We love to read biographies, watch movies, go dancing, eating out at fine restaurants, shopping, spas, travelling, watch or participate in sports, Broadway shows and going for long drives. Dhruv used to coach youngsters (ages 11-18 years old) in cricket (London, UK) and was successful in coaching the team of U-13 to a National Championship in England (out of 1700 clubs) in 2006.

Preethi loves to do daredevil activities, has done bungee jumping, parasailing, going to the beach and enjoying the food and being close to water /mother nature. Our home is situated in a family orientated community. Our home is a spacious 4-bedroom, 2.5 bathrooms with a spacious lawn in front and back with a built-in swimming pool in a children friendly neighborhood on a quiet street.


We feel believe that it is important for you child to be connected to you if you are comfortable.  We hope it will help your child in establishing a sense of connection and belonging, develop a deeper understanding of their identity and a greater sense of wholeness. It will allow us to have an open and direct communication with you to understand their background, history and assist with any questions from the child regarding their background. We are open to communicating through letters, pictures, and visits.

We have been very lucky to live in a multi-cultural society in England and USA where cultural diversities are embraced and celebrated. We are avid learners of other cultures, race, and religions. It helps to bring us closer to our friends / families / colleagues at work, and stops us from being judgmental or ignorant about others, and helps to understand why people behave the way they do.

Our friends come from Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, Ireland, England, India, America, Caribbean islands etc.

Diversity and inclusion are at the utmost importance to us. Our son is adopted and is of a different race than ours. Understanding and acknowledging differences in race and culture and playing an active role in creating a home and family life that reflect our child’s heritage are critical steps in parenting in diverse adoptive families.

By having open communications with you, it will help your child and us to learn about your background, cultures, festivals, social belonging etc. We would celebrate and embrace the differences. We would encourage your child to learn about their birth parents’ language (along with us), decorate their rooms, join local community group and joining school with multi-cultural kids. We want to make sure your child does not feel their ethnic background or race is a difference in our family.

Best Wishes

We believe and have experienced it firsthand that family is created through love, dedication, values, and hard work. We as individuals and as adoptive parents have so much love and happiness to give any child; and in return want nothing more than to call the child our own.

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