Adoption Options

There are several different types of adoption procedures that are available to you. The descriptions below should help you understand the different options for adoption.

This process involves placement by the agency after a birth family makes a “direct” selection of an adopting family via portfolio. The birth parent’s surrender of rights can occur 72 hours after birth.

This process involves assistance in placement by the agency after the adoptive family has identified a birth family that chooses to place a child for adoption or a birth family identifies an adoptive family. The agency provides services to the expectant birth or legal parents and prospective adoptive parents.

In this process the child is received in the adoptive home from a source other than a certified adoption agency. In such an adoption the court asks an agency, such as ours, to conduct an Adoption Complaint Investigation to evaluate/investigate the circumstances of the placement and to assess the adoptive home. You or your attorney can specifically request Family Options to perform this service.

This process involves placement by another agency or source in a state other than New Jersey. In such an adoption, Family Options provides home study, supervision and other services as required in order to be in compliance with New Jersey Interstate Compact regulation.

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