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Client Reviews

We had such a wonderful experience with Family Options. Not doing our research we initially signed on with a for profit. It was not the ethical way to go. After a long and heartbreaking road, Family Options stepped into a unique situation and helped us and our birth mother have a very ethical and successful adoption. We will never forget the work Debbie and her team put in to make sure everyone was cared for and this adoption happened as it should! We could never say enough great things about this team from working on our portfolio to finalization!

- Kerry Burke

Family Options made our adoption process so comfortable and easy. Debra, Sharon, Christina and the whole staff there made the process as easy as possible. We had many issues during our adoption process and they stood by us 100% and helped make sure we were able to adopt our child. Even now, over 2 years later, they still will call me back if I have a query or an issue. I can't tell people enough how great this agency is and if you are looking to adopt how this is the agency you should use!

- Michael Byock

Since we first were placed with our son five years ago until this day, we still keep in touch with all the staff at family options! We also are looking to do the process all over again and we would not go anywhere else! They truly became family with us, through our process they were supportive and loving not only to us but also the birth mother! We were blessed to find them! They are AMAZING!! THANK YOU FAMILY OPTIONS for all you do and all the joy and love you shower the world with!!! WE LOVE YOU more than words could ever express.

- Grace Vinny

We can’t say enough about Family Options. When we began our adoption journey, we didn’t know where to start. After meeting Sharon, we knew Family Options was the right agency for us. They were honest and forthright. We created a profile, they shot a video, and we were placed on the website for birth mothers to see. Family Options was definitely the right choice for us.

- Tom Cuccurullo

We adopted our daughter from Family Options sixteen years ago after a sad first try at the same facility. For both, we found them to be wonderful, caring, sensitive people and we still talk about our experience there with fondness and appreciation. Our daughter is still the best thing we'd ever done as a couple and the team at Family Options made it that much sweeter.

- Filomena DeSousa