Charitable Programs

The waiting period can be a particularly difficult time for couples and singles who are trying to adopt. The Prospective Adoptive Parent Support Group will offer support and guidance for those awaiting placement.

Our annual picnic is a great opportunity for birth and adoptive families to connect with each other, as well as for relationships to be developed with other families in your community who have experienced the wonderful journey of adoption. Our annual picnic is open to all Family Options’ families-- expectant families, birth families, adoptive families, and prospective adoptive families.

Family Options currently offers the following education seminars.

Family Options staff conducts workshops for individuals and professionals within the community to dispel myths and educate on the adoption process. Our workshops are conducted for high schools, colleges and universities, hospitals, youth groups, community organizations, pregnancy centers, etc.

Additional Educational Workshops Offered By Family Options Include:

    Building Relationships Between Birth and Adoptive Families

    Talking to Your Children About Adoption

    Preparing Your Profile

    Baby Care

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