Victoria & Matthew


First Name: Victoria

Religion: Catholic

Ethnicity: Italian

Education: Bachelor of Science

Profession: Engineer


First Name: Matthew

Religion: Christian

Ethnicity: Polish

Education: Bachelor of Science

Profession: HR Benefits Coordinator

Our Story

Hi! We are Matt and Victoria, welcome to our page! We’re so excited to share our story with you. We met in the summer of 2013 at the Parker House in New Jersey through a mutual friend that Victoria has known since preschool and Matt went to college with. We both had beach houses at the Jersey Shore that summer. We bought our first home together in 2017 and rescued our dog Brody. We were recently married last October in Asbury Park. Brody even walked down the aisle in his tux at our wedding, he was the star of the show! We decided we wanted to be closer to our families, so in April moved closer to them! Victoria works as a Product Engineer for Tiffany & Co. and Matt works for the NFL as an HR Benefits coordinator.

Family Life

We plan to raise any child who joins our family in the catholic religion. In 2019 we rescued our dog Brody from a shelter, and he does everything with us! He even walked down the aisle at our wedding! We’ve been talking about adding some chickens to the fam as well. Our favorite tradition is having Taco Bell for all of life’s milestones. After we got engaged, we went right to Taco Bell. We’ve even spent a few Valentine’s days there too!


We love to golf together, go to the beach and spend time outdoors in the summer. In the winter we enjoy skiing and snowboarding, and we can’t wait to share in all these activities with our children. We also enjoy quiet days at home watching football on our couch or hosting our family and friends. In our spare time, Matt enjoys building furniture and décor and Victoria is passionate about her jewelry design business as well as gardening. We hope to instill creativity and sporting activities in our children.


We would like to share our lives with you.  We would like to send you pictures, have phone and email contact, as well as annual visits. We would love to give you the opportunity to see how your child is growing. We will send milestone updates as well as holiday cards. Anything that you are comfortable with we would like honor.

If we are blessed with a child who is a different race than ours, we intend to start integrating diversity at an early age for your child. Reading books about their heritage and backgrounds. In our family food is a symbol of coming together and we would like to instill this in your child as they grow. Showing them how to cook and prepare dishes from your backgrounds will ensure diversity in our household and our lives.

Best Wishes

We’ve talked about adoption soon after we started dating, and that’s when we knew we were meant for each other and meant for this journey. We want nothing more than to give your child a loving, happy, and family oriented life and raise them with nothing but the best.

We also want your child to know you, and know where they came from, and we promise to fulfill that.

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